Consumer Litigation

Milberg’s consumer litigation group focuses on protecting those who have fallen victim to deceptive marketing and advertising of goods and services, or those who have bought defective products. Our lawyers have long been leaders in the representation of consumers in a wide variety of these actions nationwide. Milberg has achieved real-world recoveries for our clients, often requiring corporations to change the way they do business. Our team of attorneys has extensive experience representing plaintiffs against well-resourced and highly sophisticated defendants.

We are constantly looking to protect consumers by investigating cases where consumers have been the victims of fraudulent or deceptive conduct, or where consumers have purchased defective or unsafe products. We are always interested in hearing about such situations. If you believe that you have been the victim of consumer fraud, please contact us at Report a Fraud.

Focus Areas of Practice:

• False advertising of goods and services
• Deceptive marketing of goods and services
• Unfair trade practices
• Faulty, dangerous, or defective products