Cyber Security and Data Breach Litigation

The advancement of technology simplifies our lives but also leaves a digital footprint of our daily transactions. When we use our smart devices, conduct banking transactions, complete point of sale transactions, and view social media, our confidential personal data is routinely stored by the companies with which we do business. These companies are responsible for safeguarding your data from being stolen and used illegally, but in today’s digital environment, large data breaches occur regularly. When a company fails to protect your data from hackers and criminals, they expose you to identity theft and violate your privacy rights.

As a leader in the cyber security and data breach litigation field, Milberg has worked tirelessly to change data security practices to get large corporations to safeguard consumers’ personal data. Our reputation for aggressively litigating cyber security and data breach cases is highly regarded. We have held some of the largest corporations accountable for failing to protect their customers’ privacy rights, including Equifax, Anthem, Capital One, and Quest Laboratories. For example, in 2017 the Court appointed Milberg as one of five members of the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee in a data breach class action against Yahoo. In In re Target Corporation Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, Milberg represented a class of over 10 million consumers whose personal information was stolen or compromised. The case settled for $10 million and individual consumers could recover losses up to $10,000.