Finance & Insurance Litigation

For over five decades, Milberg has spearheaded litigation challenging unethical practices by some of the biggest financial and insurance institutions in the world. Our attorneys have been at the cutting edge of cases that directly impacted large banks, lenders, and insurers, and proved that no company is too powerful to avoid legal consequences when they act irresponsibly.

Milberg led numerous class actions in the 1990s and early 2000s against insurance companies selling whole and universal life insurance policies based on a number of misrepresentations about the expected performance of those policies. We also led dozens of sales cases that collectively settled for more than ten billion dollars. These cases changed the way insurance was sold, as the cases were cited in model regulations of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners designed to prevent the recurrence of those practices.

Milberg was part of the team that successfully secured a $16.65 billion global settlement after it was alleged that the defendant improperly recouped insurance proceeds from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Additionally, Milberg successfully secured an $85 million settlement after it was alleged that the defendant participated in unlawful kickbacks, bribes, and other illegal methods to induce healthcare providers to continue to purchase the defendant’s medical supplies.

Milberg’s attorneys have the tools necessary to fight on behalf of plaintiffs wronged by corporate malfeasance. As a result of the diverse experience and backgrounds of our attorneys in these fields, we possess a depth of knowledge of the inner workings of the financial and insurance industries. Throughout our history, Milberg has consistently adapted to the evolving changes in financial services and insurance markets as both industries have grown more complex.