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Michelle Petrick


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Michelle has been the Firm's research investigator since 2002. Michelle provides the building blocks that the investigators use to generate leads and witnesses by researching numerous databases for information. Public records databases offer a variety of ways to perform searches, and Michelle has mastered their differences and combinations to regularly achieve impressive results. The Firm has made a significant financial investment in numerous fee-based databases. While anyone can pay to access these databases, it takes skill and years of experience to maximize their utility and manage and cross-reference the overlapping information. Solving a research puzzle requires pieces from various databases and a knowledgeable researcher to fit all the pieces together.

Michelle participates in each case that is investigated at the firm including new, potential and established cases at every stage of progress. As the research investigator, she conducts background searches on companies and individuals, not just to generate leads but to uncover other hard-to-find information critical to obtaining the best recovery for clients, including searches for personal property and assets, associates and relatives of defendants or witnesses, employment, court document retrieval, news articles, criminal background checks, business profiles and history, SEC filings, professional licenses, and other important information.

Michelle holds a B.S. in Biology from Stockton College.