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Who We Are

Changing times call for a new type of law firm—one that can serve a broad range of clients across national borders, with the necessary resources and attorneys to litigate against corporations worldwide.
Milberg Phillips Grossman LLP is a leading plaintiffs’ firm that helps clients challenge corporate wrongdoing through class action, mass tort, consumer, and shareholder rights services, both domestically and globally. Established by members of Milberg LLP and Sanders Phillips Grossman LLC, the firm represents individuals and government entities in the areas of antitrust, securities fraud, consumer protection, data breaches, whistleblower/Qui Tam, product liability, environmental litigation, financial and insurance litigation, and cyber law and security.
For over 50 years, the firm and its affiliates have been protecting victims’ rights and have recovered over $50 billion for our clients. Our attorneys possess a renowned depth of legal expertise, employ the highest ethical and legal standards, and pride ourselves on providing stellar client service. We have repeatedly been recognized as leaders in the plaintiffs’ bar and appointed to leadership roles in prominent national mass torts and class actions.
Milberg’s previous litigation efforts helped to create a new era of corporate accountability that put big companies on notice. The strategic combination of Milberg with Sander Phillips Grossman offers clients expanded capabilities, greater geographical coverage, enhanced financial breadth, and increased operational capacity. It also enables the firm to serve diverse and global clients who are seeking to enforce their rights against well-financed corporations—wherever they operate.
Milberg Philips Grossman is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Seattle and Los Angeles. Internationally, the firm handles complex litigation in South America and Europe, with an emphasis on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

About Milberg

Since the firm’s founding in 1965, it has repeatedly taken the lead in landmark cases that have set groundbreaking legal precedents, prompted changes in corporate governance, and recovered over $50 billion in verdicts and settlements. The firm pioneered federal class action litigation and is widely recognized as a leader in defending the rights of victims of corporate and other large-scale wrongdoing.

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