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  • Employment & Civil Rights

    Employment & Civil Rights

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  • Appellate Practice

    Appellate Practice

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  • Vacant Property Ordinance Registration and Enforcement Services

    Vacant Property Ordinance Registration and Enforcement Services

    More than 1,600 municipalities and counties across the country have adopted Vacant Property Ordinances (“VPOs”) to prevent blight caused by vacant zombie properties. VPOs generally require a mortgagee or other responsible party to register a property with the local government upon a triggering event such as vacancy or foreclosure. Registration ensures that the mortgagee or other party is aware […]
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  • Mass Tort

    Mass Tort

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  • Antitrust & Competition Law

    Antitrust & Competition Law

    In a world where increasingly consolidated corporate entities exercise ever-greater market power, proper enforcement of antitrust law is necessary to ensure a competitive marketplace. Maintaining competition promotes lower prices and encourages greater innovation.
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  • Complex Litigation

    Complex Litigation

    Our reputation has been built by successfully taking on challenging cases across a spectrum of practice areas for the past half-century. From resolving business disputes to proving antitrust conspiracies, Milberg is equipped to handle complex, high-stakes cases at any stage of the litigation process.
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  • Consumer Products

    Consumer Products

    Milberg's consumer litigation group focuses on protecting those who have fallen victim to deceptive marketing and advertising of goods and services, or those who have bought defective products.
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  • Consumer Services

    Consumer Services

    Consumers have rights. Financial institutions, telecommunication companies, apartment companies, credit bureaus, mortgage servicing companies, and other companies that provide consumer services have a legal obligation to abide by the contractual agreements they make with their customers. Companies must also follow state and federal laws that prohibit predatory, deceptive, and unscrupulous business practices. Private companies routinely […]
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  • Class Action Lawsuits

    Class Action Lawsuits

    Milberg is a national leader in class action lawsuits. We've represented plaintiffs in a wide range of class actions and recovered billions of dollars.
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  • Dangerous Drugs & Devices

    Dangerous Drugs & Devices

    Taking on drug and device makers requires a law firm that can stand up to some of the world's largest and most powerful corporations. Milberg has the experience, the track record, and the resources to successfully represent large groups of plaintiffs against medical companies.
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  • Data Breach, Cyber Security & Biometric Data Lawsuits

    Data Breach, Cyber Security & Biometric Data Lawsuits

    Milberg's reputation for aggressively litigating cyber security, biometric, and data breach cases is highly regarded. We have held some of the largest corporations accountable for failing to protect their customers’ privacy rights, including Equifax, Anthem, Capital One, and Quest Laboratories.
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  • Environmental and Toxic Torts Litigation

    Environmental and Toxic Torts Litigation

    Milberg works hand-in-hand with academics, medical professionals, environmental advocacy groups, and regulatory bodies worldwide on behalf of clients seeking protection from environmental harm.
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  • Finance & Insurance Litigation

    Finance & Insurance Litigation

    For over five decades, Milberg has been at the cutting edge of cases that directly impacted large banks, lenders, and insurers, and proved that no company is too powerful to avoid legal consequences when they act irresponsibly.
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  • Public Client Representation

    Public Client Representation

    Milberg’s Public Client Practice has achieved success against some of the world’s largest and most powerful corporations in a variety of matters.
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  • Securities Litigation

    Securities Litigation

    Calling on its long history of successfully handling complex securities disputes against the world’s most powerful companies, Milberg continues to aggressively pursue these cases on behalf of institutional and individual investors harmed by corporate fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, and other financial wrongdoing.
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