Milberg Expands Global Footprint With Launch of Milberg Germany

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November 8, 2021

by caroline

At Milberg, we pride ourselves on being a truly global consumer protection law firm. With the recent launch of Milberg Germany and our website, our law firm will be able to help even more consumers by challenging corporations that use false or misleading advertising to profit off of customers.

Milberg Leads Daimler Emissions Scandal Litigation in Europe

In Europe, Milberg has taken a lead role in litigation surrounding many of the recent emission scandals. Most recently, our lawyers helped discover the cheat devices Daimler implemented in their cars. 

A recent report commissioned by Milberg in collaboration with software expert Felix Domke found that Daimler used eight allegedly inadmissible cut-off devices in their Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicles with Euro 6 diesel. These devices reduce the effectiveness of the exhaust cleaning while cars are on the road, causing them to emit higher levels of nitrogen oxide when in use than what is actually reported during emissions tests. This allows the vehicles to pass government emissions regulations and appear more environmentally friendly than they actually are. 

Our law firm has filed multiple lawsuits against Daimler throughout Europe to hold them accountable for their actions. In addition, we built the recently-launched website,, to help educate consumers about the scandal. A Resource Dedicated to Helping Consumers Hold Negligent Manufacturers Accountable was built to provide car owners with a comprehensive and simple resource to take action against negligent manufacturers. With a quick and easy-to-use online tool, consumers can quickly check to see if their Mercedes model was affected by the most recent scandal and if so, how to take steps to pursue compensation. is managed by Milberg Germany. It will continue to serve as a trusted consumer resource for Europeans to stay informed about the latest faulty, dangerous, and misleading consumer products that they may own.

The Benefits of Hiring a Global Firm

With the size and global reach that Milberg has, it easily stands apart from other consumer protection firms. When standing up to large corporations like Daimler, consumers need a law firm behind them that has the resources and skills to hold multi-billion dollar companies accountable. 

To learn more about our European practice and to stay up to date with the latest news regarding the Daimler emissions scandal, visit