Renowned Law Firm Milberg Set to Expand in 2021

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January 5, 2021

by Brian Eckert

Milberg Phillips Grossman LLP has partnered with Sanders Phillips Grossman LLC, Greg Coleman Law PC, and Whitfield Bryson LLP to form Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman PLLC (“Milberg”).

Milberg created a new era of corporate accountability when it was founded in 1965, recovering billions for its clients while affecting meaningful changes in the way big companies do business. More than five decades later, Milberg is again poised to be a game-changer in the area of complex litigation. The combination of four leading plaintiffs’ firms gives Milberg expanded ability to prosecute cases not only domestically, but worldwide.

An Anglo-American mining company causes environmental ruin in a small village in Brazil. A German automaker installs emissions-cheating software on vehicles sold on multiple continents. A massive data breach at a tech giant exposes the sensitive data of a global customer base. Emissions from an international oil and gas company cause climate-change related damages in dozens of municipalities across the world. In a globalized era, corporate malfeasance knows no borders. To effectively check the power of corporations that operate in many nations, law firms must have increased capacity and reach.

“Corporations have gotten more powerful over the last few decades,” said Marc Grossman, a Partner at Milberg. “They have extended their influence and with it, their potential to cause harm. Law firms have an important role to play in holding corporations accountable. With this merger, Milberg has the strength to be a global force for good.”

Milberg represents plaintiffs in antitrust, securities, financial fraud, consumer fraud, automobile emissions claims, data breach claims, defective drug and devices claims, and catastrophic environmental claims. The merger will allow Milberg to handle additional cases by creating synergies within the group, and bolstering current practice areas, including local practice areas. It now has the size, resources, and experience to become one of the world’s top complex litigation firms.

“Each of these firms has proven individually capable of ground-breaking litigation, but together, we are capable of even more,” said Milberg Partner Glenn Phillips. “Milberg has a long and proud tradition of standing up to corporate power. The merger positions us to build on that legacy.”

“We are very excited to merge with these firms and strengthen our domestic and international presence,” said Dan Bryson with Whitfield Bryson.

A litigation powerhouse that has been described as “feared by corporate America,” Milberg built its name and reputation by fighting for victims of some of the most infamous corporate scandals. Milberg pioneered federal class action litigation and is one of the most successful mass plaintiffs’ firms in the country, with over $50 billion in verdicts and settlements.

“We have always felt that it is our calling to help people and change lives with a fearless and relentless approach,” said Greg Coleman of Greg Coleman Law. “This merger with highly skilled and likeminded litigators furthers that mission and allows us to expand our reach both at home and abroad.”

Milberg has nearly 100 attorneys operating on three continents. The firm’s offices are located in New York, London, California, Georgia, Mississippi, Washington, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Puerto Rico.