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May 8, 2023

by Brian Eckert

Did you purchase an HP Omen laptop with a touchpad that becomes unresponsive, freezes, acts erratically, lags, or otherwise fails to respond appropriately to your inputs? If so, you may be eligible to join a national consumer class action lawsuit filed by attorneys for Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman (“Milberg”).

HP and the Omen Brand

HP, one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world, makes the HP Omen laptop line. Marketed as a gaming laptop, the Omen retails for approximately $1,000 – $2,000 on HP also advertises the Omen brand on its own website,, where it describes Omen laptops as “the best gaming laptop.”

Gaming laptops like the Omen are equipped with higher-end graphics, fast processing power, substantial memory capacity, and larger screens. They also require superior input controls, such as keyboards and trackpads, so that users can play games requiring quick reactions and rapid movements.

HP Omen’s Defective Trackpads

According to Milberg’s lawsuit, Omen laptops have a trackpad issue that renders them completely unusable unless users purchase and connect an external mouse to use the computer.

The defective trackpads can allegedly cause the onscreen cursor to:

  • Track in reverse
  • Freeze or fail to register user input
  • Engage in erratic behavior such as randomly opening and closing windows and programs

Eventually, the trackpad’s clicking function can degrade until it becomes useless. Without a functional trackpad, Omen laptops are not suited for gaming—or any other basic computer operation.

The trackpads at issue are so defective that the Omen laptops are rendered completely unusable unless users purchase and connect an external mouse.

While many PC users purchase gaming laptops specifically for playing computer games, and prefer to play games using an external mouse, gaming laptops can be used as a normal daily laptop as well.

Indeed, the purpose of a laptop is to be convenient and portable. HP understands this and emphasizes in its Omen marketing that the laptop is “ready to go wherever you are” with “desktop levels of power.” Any reasonable consumer would therefore assume that the HP Omen would have a trackpad that allows for basic PC functionality.

Consumer Complaints About HP Omen Laptop Trackpads

Consumers have been complaining about serious trackpad issues with their HP Omen laptops for more than a year.

  • In January 2022, a user wrote on an HP forum that the touchpad on their customized HP Omen 17.3 would “randomly go unresponsive.” In the same month, another user said on the forum that the touchpad on their HP Omen 16.1 “keeps becoming unresponsive or erratic.”

Numerous Reddit posts also describe HP Omen trackpad issues.

  • A post from one Reddit user describes the Omen trackpad as “unusable.”
  • Multiple responses to a Reddit poster asking about the Omen trackpad describe the issues as occurring “since day 1.” Another responder said the trackpad “NEVER ONCE even suggested a response to any touch or click.”

As of May 1, 2023, there were at least 8 different Reddit posts with more than 200 comments recounting users’ bad experiences with defective Omen trackpads.

Milberg’s HP Omen Class Action Lawsuit

The lead plaintiffs in Milberg’s HP Omen class action lawsuit make familiar claims about their laptops. Both purchased an Omen and, shortly afterwards, had problems with their PC’s trackpad that rendered the computers unusable without an external mouse, which the plaintiffs are required to bring along with their laptops whenever they travel.

Not every consumer owns an external mouse, and the necessity to purchase one to use this purportedly high-end, portable Product is not only not disclosed, but imposes unnecessary and unexpected costs upon consumers. Further, it reduces the number of USB ports available on the Omen Laptops, further diminishing the product’s usability.

The plaintiffs similarly claim that it is not always practical to use an external mouse while on the go. Furthermore, they say the need to use an external mouse on a premium laptop purchased specifically for its portability negates the laptop’s intended purpose. The trackpad defect renders their Omen laptops worth significantly less than the purchase price they paid for them, the plaintiffs add.

Their class action complaint seeks to establish the following consumer classes:

  • A National Class composed of all persons who purchased a 2021 – 2022 HP Omen laptop in the United States for personal use and not for resale.
  • A California Sub-Class composed of all persons who purchased a 2021 – 2022 HP Omen laptop in the State of California for personal use and not for resale.
  • An Illinois Sub-Class consisting of all persons who purchased a 2021 – 2022 HP Omen laptop in the State of Illinois for personal use and not for resale.

This class action lawsuit could help customers get back some of the money they spent on a defective HP Omen laptop. It could also potentially force HP to provide a free fix for the Omen.

Milberg: A National Leader in Class Actions

Anyone who meets one or more class definitions for the HP Omen lawsuit could be automatically eligible to join this action and receive an equitable share of any settlement or verdict that results. There is no need to hire an attorney. Milberg is representing all class members on a contingency basis.

Since 1965, Milberg has filed thousands of class action lawsuits and recovered billions of dollars for our clients. We pioneered class action litigation and continue to be a leading voice for consumer justice.