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February 22, 2022

by pgarland

Milberg’s David Azar recently filed a lawsuit for FanCentro, alleging OnlyFans and employees of a large social media company colluded to harm competing businesses and hundreds of adult influencers, destroying the livelihoods of many, to gain market share. 

On February 22, 2022, BBC News announced that FanCentro filed a lawsuit against OnlyFans’ owner, Leonid Radvinsky, and the company which receives OnlyFans’ payments, Fenix Internet LLC. The lawsuit alleges that they colluded with employees at a social media company to use computerized systems to harm any performers and other content providers who had ever linked to OnlyFans’ competitors, such as through designations as a Dangerous Individual or Organization (“DIO”).

This caused the content of those performers to be hashed and added to a database intended to be for terrorists or terrorist sympathizers. By favoring adult performers who only posted content on OnlyFans, the lawsuit alleges that OnlyFans was able to gain significant market share – but at the expense of performers and other businesses. However, OnlyFans says this legal claim has “no merit”. 

For more information on the case, visit BBC News. Meanwhile, you can read more about Facebook’s Dangerous Individual and Organization list, and its lack of accountability, in this article published by The Intercept.

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