T-mobile Faces Class Action Lawsuits Following Data Breach Affecting Millions

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August 23, 2021

by pgarland

Labeled as Tom’s Guide’s “overall best cell phone carrier,” T-mobile now faces two class action lawsuits impacting millions of current and former network users. T-mobile recently experienced a catastrophic data breach that reports to have impacted at least 53-million people, with numbers expected to reach over 100-million.  

The exposed information includes sensitive, personal material such as names, birthdays, phone numbers, driver’s license ID numbers, and even social security numbers. (Currently, T-mobile claims that credit and debit card numbers, and any other financial information, have not been breached.) Nonetheless, hackers can now use this confidential information as a contact platform for SMS and email-based phishing attacks.  

Both lawsuits claim that T-mobile violated the California Consumer Privacy Act, which gives a customer the right to see all their information that is available to the company, as well as all third-parties who might have access too. In addition, one of the lawsuits also claims T-mobile violated the Washington State Consumer Protection Act, stating that their failed data security is an infringement of rights.  

All plaintiffs involved have concerns regarding the money they have spent “mitigating the effects of the Data Breach, including time spent dealing with actual or attempted fraud and identity theft.” 

 T-mobile first discovered that the information was stolen once it was posted on an underground forum, where the seller asked for six bitcoins (around $297,279) in return for 30-million social security numbers and driver’s licenses. This underground chat further reveals the remaining breached data is being sold privately.  

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If you are a current or former T-mobile user, you might be entitled to legal compensation. Contact us if you believe you have been affected by T-mobile’s massive data breach.