Employment and Civil Rights

Milberg’s Employment & Civil Rights attorneys focus on class actions and individual cases nationwide arising from unpaid wages and sales commissions, improperly managed retirement benefits, workplace discrimination, and wrongful termination. The firm’s Employment & Civil Rights practice group is led by Matthew Lee (practice group chair) and Jeremy Williams (practice group vice-chair). Lee and Williams have spent the majority of their careers litigating these types of cases and are not afraid to take on the largest corporations in the world.

In fact, the opportunities to stand up against corporate goliaths on behalf of their employees are the cases that Milberg’s Employment & Civil Rights attorneys often enjoy most. All too often, big corporations put profits ahead of their workers, and those workers need someone to provide them with a voice to correct those wrongs. Milberg provides that voice. Milberg’s long history of standing up to corporations on behalf of workers includes cases against many of the Fortune 500 companies, including recent cases against IBM, Mastercard, SalesForce, American Express, Allstate Insurance, and Farmer’s Insurance, to name a few.

Cases Pursued:

Class action

Since the firm’s founding in 1965, Milberg has repeatedly taken the lead in landmark cases that have set groundbreaking legal precedents, prompted changes in corporate governance, and recovered over $50 billion for our clients. If you are interested in filing a class-action lawsuit, we invite you to contact us for a free case review.

Unpaid sales commissions

Mismanagement of retirement plans

Unpaid overtime 

Misclassification of employees as independent contractors  

Unreimbursed business expenses  

Discriminatory pricing schemes by insurers  

Single event litigation

Unpaid sales commissions (on behalf of software sales representatives)

Wrongful termination 

Racial discrimination  

Age discrimination  

Cases Obtained:

  • Jury verdict of $11.1 million in Kingston v IBM (wrongful termination of a software sales manager) (Western District of Washington) 
  • $75 million class-action settlement with Farmer’s Insurance on behalf of its agents alleging that Farmer’s Insurance misclassified its agent as independent contractors (Superior Court in Los Angeles County, California) 
  • $4.2 million class action against SkyWest Airlines for allegedly failing to provide proper rest and meal breaks to its employees (Northern District of California) 
  • Confidential workplace racial discrimination settlement of $3.1 million  
  • Class action settlement of Coca-Cola retirement benefits case ($3.75 million) (Western District of North Carolina) 
  • Many confidential individual settlements in excess of $500k for cases involving: unpaid sales commissions to software sales representatives, and age discrimination