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Huntington Beach Oil Spill—On October 2nd, a 126,000-gallon oil spill closed down Huntington Beach, California and all of its upcoming activities, devastating local homeowners and businesses. Growing evidence suggests Amplify Energy, a Texas-operated natural gas and oil company, is responsible for the leaked pipeline. (Amplify’s subsidiary, Beta Offshore, is allegedly blamed.) To join the Huntington Beach Oil Spill Lawsuit, contact us today. 

Milberg leads the first proposed federal class action against Amplify, representing DJ Peter Moses Gutierrez Jr., a California disk jockey whose business relies on weddings and special events hosted at Huntington Beach. With Huntington Beach’s Mayor Kim Carr suggesting the beach might be closed for months, Gutierrez’s entire livelihood is at stake. 

“The corporations that run oil rigs and pipelines assume the risk of oil spills when they undertake the responsibility required to run those entities,” Milberg attorneys state in their formal complaint. “When that responsibility is breached by the defendants, as here, the consequences can be catastrophic.” 

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Amplify Energy’s history and new role in the Huntington Beach Oil Spill lawsuit 

Amplify Energy was founded on the principle of not only creating, but distributing natural, dependable oil to several U.S. states—notably Southern California. Their company culture also promises to commit to the safe production and operation of gas, guaranteeing a clean, healthy environment.  

This Texas-based oil company also claims to value honesty and integrity, reminding stakeholders to trust not only their mission, but their purpose. However, after Milberg’s research traced the pipeline leaking to Amplify’s own Beta Offshore, the company claims to have notified the Coast Guard of the oil spill only four minutes after the leak began. Yet, marine biologists and ecologists have already discovered the oil spill’s toxic, lasting effects on animals, the environment, and the air, threatening our physical health.  

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Who qualifies for a Huntington Beach Oil Spill lawsuit?  

The off-shore oil spill in California is a second wave of massive pollution U.S. waters have recently seen, with Hurricane Ida destroying the Gulf Coast last month. The damage included almost 350 individual oil spills causing the destruction of land. As California’s damage continues to rise, scientists, business owners, and homeowners prepare for the catastrophic effects to nature, the climate, and their financial stability.   

Those most impacted (from a financial standpoint) include:  

  • commercial fishers, as a detonated ecosystem forces their careers into extinction.  
  • tourism business owners who depend on Huntington Beach’s annual 11-million visitors.
  • homeowners whose diminishing property values threaten their personal economics. 
  • oil rig workers, whose jobs might not only be sidelined, but cut all together to cushion the company’s financial losses. 

Milberg pursues antidotes for those suffering from economic plummets such as business loss, diminished property values, or loss of use and enjoyment damages. Our attorneys partner with academics, medical professionals, environmental advocacy groups, and regulatory bodies across the globe, seeking protection for clients harmed by environmental negligence.  

If your business has been impacted due to Amplify Energy’s negligent oil spill, get in touch with one of our attorneys today. Join the Huntington Beach oil spill lawsuit. 

How Milberg stands up to big corporations 

In today’s globalized world, pollutants—and polluters—aren’t always local. Big corporations have extended their reach, crossing state boundaries, to reach and ability cause harm. Yet, Milberg has held leadership roles in all facets of litigation in coordinating proceedings, with a particular focus on developing building blocks to establish general causation, which is often the most difficult obstacle in an environmental or toxic tort case.  

Milberg’s team of attorneys not only understands, but empathizes with plaintiffs whose livelihoods have been damaged by Amplify’s harmful negligence. Equipped with knowledge and experience, our environmental litigation practice focuses on representing clients in: 

  • Complex Environmental Emissions Fraud Litigation 
  • Chemical Exposure 
  • Water/soil Contamination 
  • Compliance and Environmental Counseling 
  • Land Use 
  • Sustainability and Climate Change 
  • Environmental Justice  

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Discover your stakes in the Huntington Beach oil spill lawsuit 

As an internationally recognized plaintiffs’ firm, Milberg has the strength and resources to represent clients seeking to enforce their environmental rights against well-financed corporations. With over $50 billion recovered for clients, Milberg is prepared to protect you against the financial damages caused by Amplify’s Huntington Beach oil spill.  

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