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Environmental & Toxic Torts Litigation

Environmental legislation is a modern tenant of law, beginning in the 1970s with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

These laws recognize the relationship between environmental protection, societal obligation, and public health. Environmental litigation is a key tool in the fight to preserve ecological health and to hold environmental lawbreakers accountable.

In today’s globalized world, pollutants—and polluters—are not always local. Corporations have expanded their reach and ability to cause harm. When an Anglo-American mining company devastates a rural Brazilian village, or emissions from an international energy company lead to climate-change related damages in municipalities across the world, environmental litigation becomes more challenging.

Holding environmental bad actors accountable requires a law firm that can prosecute cases internationally as well as domestically.

Milberg’s Environmental Practice Group

In our proud tradition of effectuating meaningful change through litigation, Milberg is well-positioned to represent victims of environmental malfeasance. Our Environmental Practice Group focuses on representing clients in mass torts, class actions, multi-district litigation, regulatory enforcement, citizen suits, and other complex environmental and toxic tort matters.

We have held leadership roles in all facets of litigation in coordinated proceedings, with a particular focus on developing the building blocks to establish general causation, which is often the most difficult obstacle in an environmental or toxic tort case.

Our Environmental Practice Group attorneys work collaboratively with academics, medical professionals, environmental advocacy groups, and regulatory bodies worldwide on behalf of clients seeking protection from environmental harm.

Focus Areas of Practice

  • Complex Environmental Emissions Fraud Litigation
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Water/Soil Contamination
  • Compliance and Environmental Counseling
  • Land Use
  • Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Environmental Justice

Currently, our team is engaged on behalf of cities, states, commonwealths, and territories, both in the United States and abroad, pursuing, investigating, and litigating cases involving matters that include:

  • Emissions
  • Wildfires
  • Toxic chemicals in the air, land, and water
  • Storage tanks
  • Climate change
  • Dam failure
  • Roundup
  • PFAS

The companies involved in harmful environmental practices are some of the largest, wealthiest, and most influential in the world. As an internationally recognized plaintiffs’ firm, Milberg has the experience and resources needed to enforce clients’ environmental rights against well-financed corporations, wherever they operate.

Since the firm’s founding in 1965, Milberg and its affiliates have recovered over $50 billion for our clients. To discuss how Milberg can help you or your team respond to environmental harms, or to learn more about our capabilities in this area, please contact our Environmental Practice Group today.