Environmental Litigation

In Milberg Phillips Grossman LLP’s (“Milberg”) proud tradition of effectuating change in a meaningful way, our team of professionals are well-positioned to represent victims of environmental malfeasance. 

Our dedicated team will work tirelessly to seek justice for those suffering economic losses such as property values lost or loss of use and enjoyment damages.

Milberg will work hand-in-hand with academics, medical professionals, environmental advocacy groups, and regulatory bodies worldwide on behalf of clients seeking protection from environmental harm.

To discuss how we here at Milberg can help you or your team respond to the environmental harms, or to learn more about our capabilities in this area, please get in touch with our team leader or your preferred Milberg contact.

Focus Areas of Practice

• Litigation and Enforcement Proceedings
• Compliance and Environmental Counseling
• Land Use
• Sustainability and Climate Change